Farid Khaheshi
Full Stack Developer
Farid Khaheshi
Full Stack Developer

Private cloud for daycares to share photos with parents

  • Front-end: Next.js, React
  • Back-end: Serverless Next.js
  • Database: PostgreSQL (AWS Aurora Serverless Data Api)
  • Cloud Storage: AWS S3, Cloudfront
  • Deployment: Vercel
  • Categories: Web Application
  • Year: 2021
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Memoyard is a tool for creating private online albums. It targets daycares that want to share photos and videos of children with their parents.


A demo version is available here.

What it does

Here are some functionalities to memoyard:

  • Allocate private cloud storage to each daycare.
  • Create an album for each daycare to view the photos and videos.
  • Manage access to the files in the cloud storage: At least three different access levels can be defined for the manager, teachers, and parents. Parents can only view files that are related to their children. Teachers can upload files for the children in their classes.
  • User management: the manager can define classes, teachers, and parents and manage their access to different files.
  • Secure access to files: the URLs used to access the files are safely encrypted. There is no other way to access these files.
memoyard album
Memoyard creates a single-page online album for daycares. Parents have access to view photos and videos of their children.
The default home page for the daycare in memoyard
memoyard admin dashboard
The management dashboard of memoyard. The manager can get an overall view of their daycare.
Here the manager can add or modify classrooms.
memoyard admin kids
The children in the daycare are listed here. The admin can easily edit their info.
memoyard admin kids edit
The manager can add the contact information of the parents of each child. Parents can log in using the email address registered by the manager here.
memoyard admin teachers
The manager can manage teachers. Teachers can add photos and videos to the children in their classes.
memoyard admin teachers edit
The manager can allocate each teacher to multiple classes.


The code for this project is available at https://github.com/faridkhaheshi/memoyard.