Farid Khaheshi
Full Stack Developer
Farid Khaheshi
Full Stack Developer

Leaderboard-as-a-service for sorting suggestions & ideas

  • Front-end: Next.js, React
  • Back-end: Next.js, Node.js
  • Database: Postgres, Redis
  • Deployment: AWS EC2
  • Categories: Web Application
  • Year: 2020


You can use Glassyboard to create leaderboards. For example, you can ask questions like “What is the best TV series of all time?” and add alternatives like “Game of Thrones,” “Breaking Bad,” “House of Cards,” etc. You then share this board with your friends. They can upvote different items or add new items to the board.


Glassyboard is implemented using Next.js. State management is handled using Redux.

The REST APIs are implemented in the API routes of Next.js using Node.js.


The code for this project is available at https://gitlab.com/bistopanj/glassyboard.